Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Go to http://brightonillustrators.co.uk/blog/detail/meeting_report6x6/ to see the report on my presentation i did for the Brighton Illustrators meeting the other day. Everyone was very kind and they gave me a nice bottle of wine. 

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charlotte farmer said...

Hi Emily

ahhh my usual late replying to your comment left on my blog at the beginning of this month...

the small shop is for a chocolate shop website and has now tragically left my house probably never to be seen again (though not before I added some supersize bunting).

My teatowels are now available for purchase at newhousetextiles.co.uk
buy buy buy!!!

I read the thing about your talk (i'm impressed that you give talks miss warren) and I hope you didn't think my work was too sombre - it was meant to be funny, though I'm definitely guilty of intense detail.

bye for now...ooh are you doing the brighton art fair (as sponsered by elle decoration) Sadly I found out about it too late.