Friday 15 August 2014

Just looking through bits and bobs and quite liked this beer label. I've not posted for so long, partly due to work and it being summer time! Now it has got a little chilly i'm back in the studio and working hard. First up is The End of the Road festival where I will have my usual selection of small heads to buy in the merch shop for special prices! After that I have another order to send to America, oh and then Made London after that- so plenty to do!

Thank you for looking as always at my blog. Updates to follow and I will have some private view tickets to give away in October too.

Awaiting collection for shipping to America!

Monkey faces.
Congratulations Alice and Clem! A beer label for their special wedding brew last weekend.

I now have some of my cards for sale in this lovely and very cool shop on Station street in Lewes. Brigden and Bayliss it's called, drop in on your weary way up the hill!