Thursday 28 April 2011

Just a bit of fun. In the window of Cyber Candy ( opposite the Komedia ) down the Laines in Brighton. I had to use a bit of their sweety packaging in the construction.  Have a look if you are passing and peep into the saucy dressing room scene and snack bar. Ooh la la!    

Oh and the horse and acrobats go round and round.


charlotte farmer said...

wow...that is spectacular - I love it!


brown rabbit said...

Hello... Emily.
I cant seem to find an email address for you. But i have order form you in the past and would like to place another order. Would you be able to get back to me via here:
thanks x x

Kickcan & Conkers said...

Love this - OK to post some photos?

Unknown said...

Hello Emily
My friend has one of your pieces on her wall, and it looks great. I would possilbe like to order something, but cannot find an email address. Please could you contact me at